10 art walls to inspire

Are you feeling a little lost with all those bare walls in your house? We've got you covered! Adding some artwork is the perfect way to bring life and personality to your space. Whether you're into polished and monochrome or rustic and exposed industrial styles, there are endless possibilities for art styling. Take a peek at these interiors and vignettes for some serious inspiration!


Feature a diverse assortment of photography, digital prints, pencil drawings, and paintings to create a curated and exciting collection. The art pieces' warm earthy tones evoke a sense of comfort and luxury, offering a stylish contrast against the exposed brick wall.


The various bold colors found in the room are also reflected in the artwork, including warm mustard yellow shades, vibrant pops of red, and rich blues. This brings a sense of unity to the space, while still highlighting each unique piece..


The integration of wooden frames and natural tones in the predominantly monochrome look prevents it from feeling cold or stark. Additionally, the shelves offer flexibility, allowing you to easily change the entire look as desired. This enables you to effortlessly rearrange or stack prints while also providing another surface for displaying interesting objects.


By incorporating wooden paneling, this art installation breathes life into the artwork, providing a captivating backdrop that accentuates the white borders. The combination of primary color abstract works and monochrome graphic photography adds depth and contrast to create a visually striking display.


Consider approaching each art piece individually to create a curated look. Instead of purchasing frames in bulk, choose frames that best complement each print, varying the thickness of borders. This will result in a unique and tailored display that showcases the full potential of every artwork.


If you plan on showcasing monochrome art prints on your art wall, consider incorporating warm colors and a variety of textures. For instance, you can mix in elements like leather, rattan, and sheepskin along with vibrant green house plants. To add warmth, brightness, and an extra dimension to your art wall, consider including a shelf wall light.


In this elegant statement wall, a playful pink hue is artistically applied, showcasing abstract art in a predominantly monochromatic color scheme. The frames are strategically spaced with wider gaps than usual, allowing the captivating pink backdrop to enhance each art print.


Incorporate two gallery walls into one space; one against a deep blue backdrop and the other against a clean white background. Although the theme is not entirely cohesive, portraits take the spotlight in this mix. If you have a large collection of abstract prints, adding portraits or faces can bring the space to life and create a warm atmosphere.


To create a versatile and easily updatable look, consider using long picture shelves to showcase your artwork. This will give your space a cohesive appearance, while still allowing you the flexibility to rearrange and adjust as you please. Opt for three different frame sizes and stack them together for added visual interest.


If you find yourself in a room with lofty ceilings, don't let it intimidate you. Instead, view it as an opportunity for creativity. Embrace the grandeur by installing picture shelves that stretch all the way up, capturing attention and adding visual intrigue to break up plain walls. With generous spacing between each shelf, you can curate an assortment of differently sized prints and decorative accents that reflect your personal style, instantly transforming the space into a cozy sanctuary.

Images: Interior photos sourced via Pinterest - see ourPinterest board and click through for more information.