Black shelf bracket



Create modern stylish shelves in minutes with our black shelf brackets!

Use these brackets with our high quality grey and natural oak wood shelves and marble shelves or you can design your own!

For inspiration, check out our Instagram page where you can see brackets combined with shelves in both grey and natural oak. We've also created shelves in a range of different materials including scaffolding planks, pre-cut pieces of marble, stone and wood - the options are endless!

Scandinavian design. 

Also available in brass.


Width 25cm x height 26 cm (outside dimensions)

Width 23-23.5 cm (internal dimension)

Note - as these brackets are hand-forged, the dimensions for each bracket may differ in size by a few mm. 

See the image with dimensions for more. 

Hand-forged iron, black. 

Tips on how to fit brackets + shelves: 

Fixing to wall: Brackets are very easy to fit, with one single screw fixing into the top of each bracket.

Fixings: Brackets do not come with any fixings as you must get the correct screws and plugs suitable for the wall you are fixing to (stud wall, brick etc).

Weight loading: We often get asked how much weight these brackets can take.  Their isn't a recommended maximum load, and the weight loading is more dependent on the wall they are fixing to (stud wall, brick etc) and fixings (screw + plug) you are using. Our carpenter fixed these to a brick wall using heavy pieces of thick granite (worktop off-cuts from an interior design project) and they are super secure! Always use a tradesperson who knows what they are doing if you get stuck.

How many brackets to use? If using our wood or marble shelves, they come with tiny pre-cut indentations and the large shelf requires 3 brackets and small shelf requires 2.  If using your own shelf material, the number of brackets required depends on the length and weight of shelf and (as above) the wall you are fixing to and fixings being used.  As a guide you could space the bracket every 30-40cm (+/-) but its up to you to make this calculation. 

Please note:  These brackets are sold individually to give flexibility in creating the shelves just how you want them.  Please select the amount you require in the drop-down box.