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Access our designer-curated collection of engineered wood flooring, previously reserved exclusively for our design projects. These top picks are now available to you, helping you save time and find the perfect flooring for your home and interior design project.

Crafted with premium quality oak, this engineered oak flooring is the perfect addition to your interior design. Its chevron pattern gives a timeless, modern look in any setting.

When it comes to style, quality, durability, sustainability, ease of installation and value, our products have been put to the test.

Colour: A mid-toned natural brown oak that showcases the chevron pattern with varying shades inherent to a natural product. This oak flooring complements various color palettes and interior designs with its neutral and balanced tone.

Calculate how much you need: This product is sold per carton covering a total of 1.428 sqm.  For example, 10 sqm, plus 10% wastage = 10.1 sqm divided by 1.428 = 7.072, therefore you will need 7 cartons.

  • 60 degree chevron pattern and layout
  • Engineered boards with European oak 4mm top layer
  • Brushed and fumed
  • Finished in matt UV oil
  • Individual board size: depth 15mm x width 120mm x length 590mm
  • Sold per pack, each pack contains 1.428 sqm
  • Tongue & groove 
  • Grade ABC
  • Sustainable FSC 100%
  • PEFC 100% certified top layer
  • FSC 100% backing layer
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Manufactured in the UK. 
  • Palletised kerbside delivery

Adhesive: We recommend you use the adhesive made specifically for this flooring. Adhesive is sold per 1 x 14kg tub and covers approx. 10 sqm. Add adhesive to your order (above) to be included on your pallet delivery.

Samples: Select sample (above) and add to your cart.

Delivery: Kerbside pallet delivery within 5-10 business days.

Sustainably Sourced Wood Flooring

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