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Award-winning cement tiles by Marrakech Design are a firm favourite with designers, architects and customers worldwide.

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Do I need to seal the tiles and how often?

Yes, like natural stone, Marrakech Design cement tiles need sealing. Sealants can be purchased with your order and Marrakech Design recommend Ecoprotec. Sealing cement tiles is a simple process - see the Installation + Maintenance Guide PDF below. It is recommended to reseal your tiles once a year, however this depends on area and wear.

I'm not sure how many tiles I need, can you help?

Yes, we can help you calculate the total boxes / sqm required. Get in touch via the contact form below with the room dimensions, along with your shipping address and we'll email a quote.

What are the current delivery times for Marrakech Design Tiles?

From date of order, expected lead time for shipment is approx.5-10 business days(within Europe). This is the fastest method - it is not possible to collect orders or expedite to receive any quicker.

Can you design my space or help with choosing tile patterns and layouts?

Yes, we can design an entire property, just one room, or provide you with coaching and advice if you're embarking on a small interior design project or full renovation and need some expert guidance. Email with an outline of your vision and what you'd like to achieve, and we'll get back to you.

Can I purchase samples?

Yes, on each individual product page select sample and add to basket.

Should I order extra tiles for wastage?

Yes, 10-15% extra is standard to allow for cuts / wastage.

For example, if you require 4 sqm of tiles, add 10% and the total order will be for 4.4 sqm. The amount is then rounded up to the full box. 

If you underestimate and run out of tiles mid installation, it is not guaranteed additional tiles will come from the same batch and colour variations can occur, or it's possible that your chosen design and colourway has now sold out. 

If you're unsure regarding quantities, ask your installer to confirm the total amount to be ordered is sufficient. It is better to have more than less.

Are the tiles suitable for installation in bathrooms including wet room or shower areas?

Yes, all Marrakech Design tiles are suitable for bathrooms, wet rooms and shower areas but the tiles must be sealed.

If installed on a shower floor, care must be taken that they are cleaned only with mild soap and the occasional scrub with a Scotch-Brite pad.

Acidic or harsh chemical cleaners, which are sometimes used to clean soap build-up from a shower floor, can damage the tiles.

Is it possible to install Marrakech Design cement tiles outdoors?

Marrakech Design tiles can be installed outdoors as long as the tiles are sealed and installed with frost proof grout and adhesives. Please also note that colors such as green, blue, red and yellow will lighten with time due to UV rays.

Can we install tiles with underfloor heating?

Yes, cement tiles have excellent thermal mass and are sublime with a radiant heat floor. When installing over radiant heat, a larger grout joint (3-4mm) is recommended. Also, the grout material should be flexible. This will allow for some natural expansion/contraction of the heated floor without cracking the tiles. It isrecommended to wait at least 10-12 weeks before use the underfloor heating.

Can the tiles be installed in commercial spaces?

Yes, Marrakech Design tiles are approved for commercial installations. It is highly important the tiles are sealed using the correct products and that the maintenance instructions are followed - acidic or harsh chemical cleaners are not recommended.

Do you have an installation guide and video?

Yes, see the Installation + Maintenance Guide and learn more by watching the video.

Our builder wants to install the tiles soon but we are concerned they will get damaged. At what stage of the construction work should tiles be installed?

Common sense prevails! The tile surface remains porous until it is properly sealed. If the tiles are fitted prematurely by your contractor or installer, there is risk of exposure to other ongoing construction work, as well as dust and debris. Ensure all necessary wet work, such as plastering, painting, and decorating, is finished before proceeding with tile installation. During all phases of tile installation, it is important to ensure that the tiled area remains fully covered with adequate protective material, especially floors.

We have tiles left over, can we return them?

Due to batch control, Marrakech Design cement tiles are non-returnable and excluded from the returns policy.

I need to cancel my order, is this possible?

You can cancel your order if it has not dispatched. Once it has left the warehouse, it is not possible to cancel your order. Customers are responsible for return pallet shipping and associated costs.

Installation + Maintenance Guide

Do you have an installation and maintenance guide?

Download the Installation + Maintenance PDF and learn more by watching the video.

1) Installation + maintenance guide

2) Data Sheet

Watch the Video.

What colour grout should I use?

Install the tiles with grout product suitable for natural stone. Marrakech Design recommend light/medium grey colored grout and strongly advise against colored, black and white grout. Many of our customers like the finished result of Mapei grout colour 112 medium grey. We refer to this as a 'background grey' as using this shade keeps the visual focus on the beautiful tiles (and not the grout lines).

How do I clean and take care of my Marrakech Design tiles?

As with all stone or natural surface materials, it's important to promptly clean up any strong or acidic marks resulting from coffee, citrus fruits, red wine, and vinegar etc.  

Maintain your handmade cement tiles with the correct products. For weekly cleaning Marrakech Design recommend a natural floor soap such as Ecoprotec Natural Stone & Porcelain Aftercare Cleaner. Never use acids to clean the tiles as they will damage them: includes bleach, vinegar, epoxy grout removers, citrus soaps, solvent green etc. If the tiles have become very dirty, use Ecoprotec Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner.

See 'Do you have an installation and maintenance guide' question to download the Installation + Maintenance PDF for full details.

I accidentally stained my tiles, what can I do?

It is possible to remove stains and Marrakech Design offer the following guidance: 

Contrary to ceramic tiles, cement tiles are not exposed to firing but gain their strength from curing. The pigment layer is about 3-4 mm which gives the tiles a long lifespan. This means that it’s possible to sand the surface of the tiles if stains have ocurred.

Scrub the tiles with a fine-grained (400+ grit) sandpaper with mild soap and water. Sand the tiles gently in small areas at a time and patch test in a less visible area before you move on to the whole area. Be sure to flush the tiles will lots of clean water thereafter so that no soap remains. In extreme cases it can help to sand the tiles together with using Stone & Tile Intensive cleaner.

Allow the tiles to dry over night before re-applying sealer until the tiles are fully saturated.

Ecoprotec provides a wide range of help and advice (videos, blog posts and general guidance) for sealing, cleaning and maintaining natural stone and cement tiles.

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