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Sealer - for Marrakech Design Cement Tiles (Natural Finish)


A natural finish water based sealer recommended for Marrakech Design Cement Tiles for use in all areas including bathrooms, showers and wet rooms. Ecoprotec Natural Finish Stone Sealant helps protect against staining and strongly repels water, oil and grease.  This sealant allows the product surfaces to breath with minimal change to the surface appearance. Apply this product until the tiles are fully saturated, normally 1-3 coats. For spaces besides wet areas we recommend Top Coat is followed by Natural Finish Stone Sealer. 


0.5 Litres - approx.  3.75 sqm

1 Litre-  approx. 7 sqm.

5 Litre - approx. 22 sqm

Recommended for: all areas including bathrooms including showers and wet room rooms.

Maintenance: Additional coats of Natural Finish Stone Sealer should be applied once a year or when needed.